Economic Contribution

Missouri cattle and calves sales generated $2.047 billion cash receipts (receipts from marketing and sale of farm slaughter) in 2014, according to the USDA. The map below records the distribution of these cash receipts by Missouri county. To estimate gross cattle and calves cash receipts by county, state-level cattle and calves cash receipts data were multiplied by the percentage of cattle and calves inventory in each county during 2014. Cattle and calves cash receipts values were greatest in southwest, south central, central and north central Missouri counties.

Estimated Missouri Cattle and Calves Cash Receipts, By County, 2014

Estimated Missouri Cattle and Calves Cash Receipts

The table below details the cattle and calve farming industry’s economic contribution in Missouri during 2014. A total of 39,352 jobs were supported, and the impact from this industry provided $501 million in labor income (wages, benefits and proprietor income). Total value added, or the contribution to Missouri's gross domestic product (GDP), was approximately $1.433 billion. The map below shows total value-added by county.

Missouri Cattle and Calves Industry Economic Contribution, 2014
TypeEmploymentLabor IncomeValue Added
Direct effect28,425$194 million$847 million
Indirect effect8,280$196 million$393 million
Induced effect2,647$110 million$193 million
Total Effect39,352$501 million$1,433 million
Note: May not sum due to rounding
Source: University of Missouri Extension, Commercial Agriculture Program, using data from the USDA and IMPLAN economic modeling software

Missouri Cattle and Calves Industry, Value-Added, 2014

Missouri Cattle and Calves Industry, Value-Added