Decision Tools

Decision tools and calculators have been developed to assist decision making for beef producers. Some of these spreadsheets may contain macros that will need to be enabled to function correctly. To download a spreadsheet, right click on the link, select "save" and save it to a location on your computer. Then find the file on your computer and open it from that location.

Missouri Beef Budgets
Updated each year and available for both Northern and Southern Missouri.

Missouri Backgrounding Cattle Budget
Producers can use to estimate costs and returns for backgrounding cattle on a per head and per group basis. Additionally, a calculator can help estimate yardage cost for an operation.

Backgrounding Profitmeter
The Backgrounding Profitmeters help determine the current profitability of backgrounding, given a set of production parameters. Users can model a current baseline versus planned and change the key drivers of average daily gain and stocking rate for each profitmeter.

Drought Management Options
This spreadsheet evaluates three management options for drought, which include: buying pasture, hay and supplements to feed until drought and winter are finished, ship herd to graze outside the drought region, and destock/restock.

Ammoniation of Low Quality Roughages
This spreadsheet evaluates costs and benefits of ammoniating low quality roughages.

Forage Cost Per Ton Calculator
This calculator demonstrates the cost per ton of dry matter between differing bale sizes and moisture levels.